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Address a top financial concern for workers today, auto repair, by offering a vehicle wellness plan.

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Financial security.

1 in 2 workers can't afford an auto repair of $400 or more, making it the #1 financial concern for employees today.

Vehicle wellness.

7 in 10 workers have at least one vehicle repair issue, driving up the odds of a costly fix and missed time at work with each commute.

Work happy.

Adding vehicle wellness as an employee benefit can gain back up to $4,000 a year in lost productivity per employee.

What's RepairsCard all about?

Vehicle wellness plan

The average wellness plan saves a driver nearly $1,000 a year in auto repair costs.

Mobile mechanics

Our technicians come directly to your employees, whether at work or home, to take care of their car.

Set it once, then benefit

Onboard your entire team in a few seconds, integrated with your HRIS & payroll.

Set, forget, and then track.

We understand managing benefits can come with extra work, that's why we directly integrate with most HRIS & payroll providers. Set up RepairsCard in just a few steps.

  • Deduct the right amount each time
  • Easily report on compliance
  • Automatically add/remove employees
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RepairsCard is simple to use.

Our ASE certified mobile mechanics come directly to your employees at huge savings compared to traditional repair options.

Mobile mechanics

Our techs can visit your employees wherever they have a car need, eliminating the need to visit the repair shop.

Huge savings

Using our service, your employees save over 50% on average compared to visiting a traditional repair shop.

Good, better, best

Most shops only offer one repair option, but we curate multiple options based on what's best for each employee's budget.

It's frictionless

Employees just log on our site, book & pay for their service, then sit back & relax as a mobile mechanic fixes their car.

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Your team is unhappy about the cost of their commute, help them out with a vehicle wellness plan. Drive happier, more productive employees.

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