You have commuters, we have benefits. Everyone wins.

Offer your employees a vehicle wellness plan & offset the cost of coming into the office.

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Wear & Tear

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Set, forget, and then track.

We understand managing benefits can come with extra work, that's why we directly integrate with most HRIS & payroll providers. Set up RepairsCard in just a few steps.

Integrate payroll.

We work directly with most major payroll providers, so we can automatically deduct the right amount each time.

Integrate HRIS.

We work directly with most HRIS providers, that way we can automatically onboard & off-board employees.

Provide your employees a vehicle wellness plan.

Routine maintenance.

Offset the cost of commuting by offering ways to pay for oil changes & needed services.

Tire services.

Every trip to work runs the risk of a flat tire, provide peace of mind to keep employees rolling.

Wear and tear.

Traffic, weather, & normal driving to work takes a toll on brakes, shocks, & more.

Huge savings.

Our plans save your employees between 25 - 75% the average annual auto repair costs.

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Gain more efficiency for your workforce.

Financial concerns on the job cost employers $500B each year, but a vehicle wellness plan can regain up to $4,000 a year in lost productivity per employee.

A personalized vehicle wellness plan.

Your candidates want a benefit for drivers.

75% of people commute using their own personal car, which means your candidates are looking for a benefit tailored towards their daily driving needs.

Aligning retention with the top benefit, vehicle wellness plan.

Give benefits that matter the most.

9 in 10 workers we surveyed preferred having a vehicle wellness plan over gym memberships or pet insurance as an employee benefit.

More than a benefit, it's a need.

Financial security.

1 in 2 workers can't afford an auto repair of $400 or more, making it the #1 financial concern for employees today.

Vehicle wellness.

Nearly 7 in 10 workers have at least one outstanding car repair need, driving up the odds of a costly fix with each trip to work.

Work happy.

Adding vehicle wellness as an employee benefit can gain back up to $4,000 a year in lost productivity per employee.

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Show you care with a vehicle wellness plan.

Employee satisfaction rates with their benefits are at the lowest they've been in a decade, which matters because 4 in 5 employees will stay or leave an employer because of their benefits program.

Improve productivity

Reduce voluntary turnover

Empower your recruiters

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Your team is unhappy about the cost of their commute, help them out with a vehicle wellness plan. Drive happier, more productive employees.

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